The Pink Afternoon Tea at The Athenaeum Date

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A list of the five things you should do for someone before you die, when you feel powerfully in that moment, however fleeting, that they are the greatest person you’ve ever encountered, and you just want to communicate, with action, not words, that them being in the world makes your life better:

  1. Make a collage out of photos of them laughing, and looking as pretty as you think they are.
  2. Make them breakfast when they have to get up early and you don’t.
  3. Watch a program you hate because they love it.
  4. Buy them a puppy.
  5. Take them to a place they’ve always dreamt of going.
  6. Take them for Pink Afternoon Tea at The Athenaeum

This obviously isn’t for the casual dater, and subsequently it falls fowl of a few of the principles. Think of this more as a birthday, or special occasion date, it’s possible as a first date, but it could look a little eager to impress and so should be used only when there are lots of signs of attraction from both sides. The lifestyle you are selling today is I-think-you’re-super-I-hope-you-think-I’m-super-back.


First Five Minutes:


“Want to eat pink cakes?”

has got a positive response. Set the dress code as sexy smart cool, and meet them in the lobby of The Athenaeum. Talk about how beautiful they look, talk about the face actors do in films when the man sees the woman for the first time, then try doing that face and get them to do it back.


The Date

Sit as close to each other as possible, not opposite, and do lots of touching. Drink the Kir Royale, talk about appropriate afternoon cocktails, talk about great ways to spend an afternoon in London, talk about when you’re both rich how you will spend your day, talk about what your choice of tea communicates about you, would you be embarrassed if I tried to order Madame Butterfly Jasmine everywhere we went? Eat lots of cakes, try each others, and ask if you can take away a bag of jelly beans, the service is excellent, and they usually let you. If you’re the man pay the bill, if you’re the woman offer to go halves and think less of him if he accepts.


What to talk about if conversation dries up:

  • Best places to eat cakes in London.
  • Best dessert you can make.
  • Afternoon tea or evening meal?
  • Favourite hotel that you’ve never stayed at.
  • Favourite park you’ve never walked through.
  • Favourite person you’ve never met.


Where to go after:

A walk through Green Park down to Buckingham Palace is a lovely thing to do weather pending. You’re very close to the Curzon Cinema Mayfair, as well as Fortnum and Masons and the Royal College of Art.


Where from here?

House, marriage, babies.


Essential Info:

Sittings at 1230, 1500 and 1730 every day.

Nearest Tube: Green Park

Address: 116 Piccadilly, London W1J 7BJ



This isn’t a first date, but if you would like to meet new people with the view to doing this date later on, please join tdg’s Date Club. It’s free and there are hundreds of readers of this site waiting to be matched to you.

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